July 12, 2020

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.biz is short for business. If you are or will be running a business website, .biz domain name is for you. It is designed for business purpose,  for you to express your business ideas and to bring your business presence online.     
 .biz Live Registration
.biz Go Live Date:
November 7, 2001 


.biz domain names are for bona fide business or commercial purposes

2-year minimum registration term

$40.00 (2-year term) upon successful registration 
Note: You will be charged only if your .biz domain name is registered successfully. Order cannot be cancelled or changed. 
.BIZ Q&A (Please read)

What does registry "go live" mean?

It means that the registry is open for registration on a first-come, first-served basis.  And the domain name is able to resolve to an IP address to point to your website.

What does bona fide business or commercial purpose mean?

To simplify, the .biz domain name has to be used for a business purpose, it is not intended to be used for exclusive personal purpose or for expressing non-commercial ideas.  more details 

How do I register a .biz domain name?
Now that .biz is live, you will be able to lookup your .biz domain name using our searchbox like the one below. The instruction will guide you through the registration process after lookup.   


gTLD .com    .net    .org   
.biz    .info    .name   
ccTLD .us    .cn   
.com.cn    .net.cn    .org.cn   
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