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What is a Domain Name Server (DNS)?
A computer that
is connected to the internet which has both the software and the data (zone files) needed to resolve domain names to Internet Protocol (IP) numbers. 

Why are there two DNS servers, primary and secondary?
Primary DNS server is the main server which functions to resolve domain names to Internet Protocol (IP) numbers. The secondary DNS server is used in addition to and backup for the primary DNS.

Do I need to change my DNS information if I sign up for Web Hosting with another company?
In most of the cases, your web hosting company will request that you change the DNS information to point to your website on their server. 

I've made the changes to the DNS info in my Account Manager. How long will it take before the changes take effect?
You will receive an email notification for the changes that you've made to the DNS information. It takes 24~74 hours for the DNS information to be updated.. 

My new ISP is asking me to transfer my domain name. What does it mean?
This means that your new ISP wants you to point your domain name to your website on their servers or to configure it for email. You will need to change the DNS information, provided by your new ISP, associated with your domain name. See below for step-by-step instructions to modifying the DNS information. 

Can I modify the DNS of the domain names in my account all at once?
Yes. Select one of the domain name in your account and click the Domain Name Server (DNS) link. Then click on the "Modify" button and enter the new DNS information. Select the check box to "apply change to all domains." This will change all the DNS information of the domain names in your account. 

What is a valid DNS?
A valid DNS server must have a hostname (i.e., must be mapped to an IP address (i.e., must be "alive" on the internet, and must be registered with the InterNIC registry as a "domain name server".  The DNS server that you want to use must meet the above requirement.  If it does not meet the requirement, it will get rejected by the registry.

Why am I getting the error message "Unable to detect valid name server" when I try to update the DNS information?
There are two possible reasons:
  1. You may have mistyped the hostname. Please make sure the the hostname is spelled correctly.
  2. You entered the IP address (i.e. instead of a hostname (i.e. DNS1.DomainProcessor.COM). Enter HOSTNAME only. Our system will not accept IP address.

Step-by-step instructions to modifying the DNS

Step 1
Login to your Account Manger by entering your username and password.

Step 2
Select the domain name that you would like to modify.

Step 3
Then click on the Domain Name Server (DNS) from the menu located on the left hand side of page.

Step 4
Click the "Modify" button at the bottom of the page to edit information.

Step 5
Enter the new DNS info in the Primary and Secondary Server field. If you would like to modify the DNS to all the domains in your account, check the "Apply change to all domains" box. Click the "Update DNS info" button when you are done. Allow 24~72 hours for DNS information to update across the internet.

I still have questions after reading the FAQ, whom should I contact?
Please click here to email your inquiries to our staff. We will respond to your question within 24 hours.

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